Leon Cafe & Lounge : 2519 Cañada Blvd. Glendale, CA, 91208     |   818-243-4585

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  Café & Lounge

Leon Bakery & Café is now serving Breakfast, Weekend Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. We proudly offering catering services out of our extensive menu.


Time for a Party!

Join our us in our cafe, or let us cater to you. Whatever your preference, we are here to make it work!


Leon Café and Lounge in Glendale

Outstanding food, exquisite beverages, and an inviting ambiance are all on the menu at Leon Café and Lounge, where fine cuisine meets a venerable Near Eastern tradition. Open late all week long, we combine outstanding cooking with the pleasures of hookah, in an atmosphere that is at once elegant and comfortable.

An exciting restaurant Glendale residents trust for fine dining, our food offerings range from traditional Mediterranean fare and fine European cuisine to superb pastas, signature salads, and gourmet pizza as well as burgers, sliders, and other popular comfort foods and snacks. Every item at Leon Café and Lounges is made from the finest ingredients, including organic and all natural products whenever possible. Our experienced chefs make everything from scratch, and our customers tell us they can really taste the difference. Our selection of wine, beer, coffee, tea, and more offers the perfect liquid accompaniment to a meal or light snack.

As a first class hookah lounge, we also know that providing the right atmosphere is a must. Our extensive outdoor seating is perfect for the devotees of hookah Glendale attracts, and it provides a relaxing and pleasant outdoor setting for everyone else. We offer our customers access to very finest tobaccos and pipes, but that’s only the beginning. We provide everything you need to enjoy a night out in the open air enjoying out gorgeous Southern California climate, and that includes heat lamps, blankets, fire pits and more.

Enjoy Your Night Out with Leon Café and Lounge!

Aside from our outstanding offerings, we know that seamless service is the key to a pleasant night out. Every member of our staff is here to make sure guests are provided with the very best in service. That includes our outstanding wait staff, who are here to ensure that all of your food and drink needs are met quickly and seamlessly, as well as our resident hookah sommeliers, who are here to help visitors with the finer points of enjoying a satisfying dining and smoking experience. Whether you are a true shisha connoisseur or if this is your first ever trip to a hookah café, it’s our job to make sure you enjoy a truly memorable night out.

  • At Leon Café and Lounge, our guests’ pleasure is always our top priority. We are working on new and exciting ways of combining the pleasures of fine food, beverages, and hookah. That includes an upcoming adjacent sushi restaurant, which will provide the finest and best in traditional and modern Japanese cuisine in addition to our other offerings.

    To find out more about how we can help you and your favorite people enjoy a true feast of the senses at our café, please call us at 818-243-4585 or e-mail us through our contact page.

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